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Are you looking for a bicycle tow bar to keep your child safe, but you would like them to get use to riding their own bike, and not just going along for a ride?

The Learn and Ride gives your child the freedom and enjoyment of truly riding their own bike, while being safely connected to yours.

Learn and Ride child bicycle tow bar

Why use the Learn and Ride...

The Learn and Ride provides you with a safety link between you and your child while biking.   From my own experience as a dad, I know young children that know how to ride their bike, need to also learn how to ride safely.  Knowing to stay on the right side of the road, what a stop sign means.  Making sure to look both ways before crossing, are just a few examples.   In addition, sometimes kids just have accidents. As the true story below of one of our family bike rides illustrates.

We were about to follow the bike path around the corner.  I was in the lead and my six year old was following.   I told him to slow down with me, and follow me around the turn. His foot slipped, he panicked, and went out into the road barely avoiding being struck by a car. We were shaken up.  Thank God he was all right!  I then thought of the Learn and Ride.  

With him attached to me with the Learn and Ride, if we needed to turn, slow down or stop, we would do it safely together.  He felt safer, and still had freedom to ride his bike, even while being safely attached to me, and if he got tired, I would simply pull him.   The Learn and Ride not only gives you a way to teach your child how to safely ride their bike, but it can also help prevent accidents.

See the Learn and Ride in action...


Product Details...

Learn and Ride child bicycle tow bar

It uses one 2 foot premium grade UV rated PVC pipe, shown in red, and one 3 foot premium grade UV rated PVC pipe shown in black.   The black pipe is held inside the red pipe by a few inches, and is locked in place with a quick release steel pin.   Fully extended length is about 5 feet.  The pin can be removed, and the black pipe can slide into the red pipe to reduce the length to 3 feet for compact storage.   The larger pipe is about 1-3/4" in diameter, and the smaller pipe is about 1-1/8" in diameter.

  • Rigid and Strong, so your little one slows down and stops when you do.
  • Portable and Works on any Bike.
  • Can be easily moved from bike to bike.
  • Quick Installation, No Tools Required.
  • Light weight, Very Strong, made from Premium grade UV resistant PVC.

Military grade 550 lb parachute cord provides a secure attachment...

The parachute cord is extremely strong and does not stretch.  It provides a universal attachment to bicycles of all different makes, as apposed to metal brackets, and it doesn't require any tools to install.

Learn and Ride child bicycle tow bar Learn and Ride child bicycle tow bar

Plenty of parachute cord is provided on both ends of the Learn and Ride, so it can be wrapped many times.  Complete instructions are provided.  

The parachute cord allows for flexibility and comes from the center of the pipe, so if your child lays there bike down, it pivots down with it, preventing your bike from falling.

Learn and Ride child bicycle tow bar

A steel quick release pin is used to connect the pipes together.  The pin is removed for compact storage.  The length is reduced from a fully extended length of 5 feet to 3 feet.

Learn and Ride child bicycle tow bar

Can be easily attached to your bike when not in use...

Learn and Ride child bicycle tow bar

Look at what others have said...

"The Learn and Ride works great!  Now I don't worry about my son trying to take off!" - Sarah U.

"I don't get tired!" - Mark, age 4.

"I think it is a great product!" - Patricia P.

Learn and Ride child bicycle tow bar

Unlike competitor's products, the Learn and Ride still allows your child to enjoy themselves and ride their bike!   They still need to balance and steer!  It allows you to coach and guide them as you go.

Let the Learn and Ride benefit you by helping to keep your child safer...
Order the Learn and Ride today for only $37.99...

What Your Order Includes...

  • A quality, durable Learn and Ride
  • Complete operation and easy installation instructions
  • Quick delivery within 5-7 days
  • Emailed receipt and customer support
  • 30 Day Risk Free Money Back Warranty
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