The Learn and Ride
                       by Top Serve LLC

FAQs and Application Information

Can the Learn and Ride be used with a child that still has training wheels?

Yes, it can be used with a child that has training wheels.  If the child is just getting use to their bike, since the Learn and Ride is light weight, you can attach the Learn and Ride to their bike, tie the other end in a loop for a handle, and simply walk and pull them with the tow bar.  This will help teach them how to pedal, steer and follow you, plus you have the added benefit of not needing to bend over so much.  Once your child is able to steer and follow you, they are ready to be hooked up to your bike.  Just go slowly, until they get the hang of it, reminding them to follow you, and pedal.  You can even walk your bike why they are on theirs until they get use to it.  The Learn and Ride is all about letting the child enjoy their biking experience while they learn.

Why is parachute cord used?

Parachute cord is used by the military, and is extremely strong.  Not only is it strong, but it is very cut resistant too.  It is very difficult to cut with ordinary tools.  The parachute cord for the Learn and Ride is cut with a special hot knife that melts through it while it cuts.  Also, the parachute cord allows for universal attachment to bikes.  Bikes are all a bit different, so the parachute cord gives you flexibility for how you would like to attach it.  It also allows the bikes to lay down independently.  So if your child's bike doesn't have a kick stand or they forget to use it, when they lay their bike down it won't cause your bike to fall.   In addition, you don't need any tools to hook it up.

Why are two pipes used?

Two pipes are used so the Learn and Ride can be made smaller for compact storage. The total length when not extended is 3 feet.  When the two pipes are extended, and the steel quick pin is in place, the two pipes function as a single unit, allowing you to slow down, or stop your child's bike with yours.  Total length when extended is about 5 feet.

Why is the child's front wheel on the ground?

The child with the Learn and Ride is truly riding their bike, building their skill and confidence.  It is kind of like drivers training, just how much can someone learn about driving a car, if they are only in the passenger seat?  It wasn't until I was behind the wheel, with the instructor in the passenger seat that I truly started to learn how to drive a car.  Some driver's training cars have a separate brake for the instructor, some even have an extra steering wheel.  The Learn and Ride allows you to be the instructor for your child, while still giving them the freedom to ride their bike.

Is it weather proof?

Yes, it is weatherproof.  It uses premium grade UV protected PVC pipe, for years of service.

Have more questions?

Please contact with any questions.  Your questions will be answered promptly.

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